Summary Sunday

I went to the doctor this week and was shocked.. okay not shocked a bit horrified to find out I gained 12 lbs since March 2012.  So I decided, enough was enough.. it’s time to do the dreaded thing and workout and get my relationship with food under control.

I love food.

Very much.

But our relationship has to change if I plan on living like I do and not being at risk for a blood clot, diabetes, high cholesterol or anything else related to being “plump”.

When I asked what my ideal weight would be, I almost choked when the doctor suggested for my height 5’8″ I should be 140. Wait.. what? Seriously? I don’t know when I weighted less than 200 lbs, much less 140.

She did suggest setting a goal for 200 and making steps towards it.. and that working out was like going to work, something you just have to do. I disagree. I remember being really close to 200 pounds and working out and liking it. I lifted weights a roommate had at the house and did push ups and sit ups and danced. I felt so proud when I could wear a two piece swimming suit.. mind you it was a chubby girl two piece, but it was a two piece.

So I decided to make the commitment to myself and to you to share my journey of weight loss.. the ups, downs, sideways and slug days of it. Mind you.. I was born with fat rolls and a mini afro.. so these rolls have lots of wear on them and it will be hard to part with them.. but I don’t want to be huffing and puffing just walking up the stairs to work.

In speaking of work.. I am lucky to work at a place that has a gym I can use for free.. my favorite torture device so far has been the elliptical machine.. I have learned I cannot read blogs while working out, but music is a great way to pass the time.

Below is the summary of workouts from the week

7/22 – 20 minutes on the elliptical – done in 10 minute intervals before work and during lunch

7/23 – it’s my day off.

7/24 – i wore ankle weights for about 10 minutes.. and ate pizza.. delicious pineapple & ham pizza and watched movies..

7/25 – nope.. not working out.. *pffft* :p

7/26 – I was having a grouchy mean spirited day.. the last thing I wanted to do was workout

7/27- 23 minutes on the elliptical.. 20 minutes before work and 3 during a break

7/28 – 25 minutes on the elliptical.. 20 minutes before work (the last 3 minutes were brutal!) and 5 during a break.

For those also interested in getting fit, there’s a wonderful app/website called it’s completely free and you can track your weight, other measurements, your food intake and your exercise. If you want to friend me, I’m under “yornma”. I could use moral support and I’ll support you back. 🙂

If you have a smart phone, workout trainer is another good app. Just use the free version and you have lots of work outs you can do that are guided and you can schedule them. I like doing the yoga ones as well as the 15 minute ones.

The inspiration for today’s blog is from The Oatmeal’s cartoon about the terrible & wonderful reasons I run.

It’s amusing, educational and terrifying all at once. I’m going to make the pledge to workout so I can eat.

Flavored Water

This is all over Pinterest and I wanted to share and give it a try. I love flavored drinks.. sodas are definitely out, so is Crystal Light and anything else that contains “juice”… so I wanted to share some infused flavor water.. you just need fruits for. You can either use mason jars to make a individual drink or let it seep in a larger container. Please keep in mind these waters have about a 48 hour shelf life.. so make sure you drink them quickly.

Below are some links that will help you with the decisions on the flavors.

11 Vegetables that will help eliminate BELLY FAT!!

  • Forming part of the right foods that will help you lose belly fat are vegetables. We all know that fruits and vegetables are good combinations if we want to be healthy. Adding to that is the privilege of losing unwanted fat in our body. There are types of vegetables that will make losing belly fat even easier.
  • Vegetables are rich in different types of vitamins and minerals. Depending on what you consume, you will achieve the results you want in losing belly fat in so short a time. Yes, there are also rules to follow if you want to make sure that you achieve your goals. Part of the rules is focusing on the right set of vegetables that will make you lose belly fat.

    Vegetables to Lose Belly Fat

    The most vital aspect in burning belly fat and in reducing weight as well is consuming the right kinds of food. These ones are useful in melting away the fats that built in your stomach area. The following are some of the excellent types of vegetables that can aid you in losing belly fat. These have the ability to crash fats that built up in your belly over the years and it will help you wash out the fat more quickly.

    1. Asparagus

    It has a substance known as asparagines – a kind of alkaloid that accelerates your kidneys and develop the circulatory procedure. Alkaloids have the ability to melt oxalic acid which can fasten fat to your cells thus resulting to a decreased fat intensity.

    2. Beets

    This is considered as a powerful diuretic that concentrates on your liver and kidney. It has the ability to get rid of hanging body fats and purifies blood corpuscles that can control fat sediments. It also includes chlorine which has the capacity to invigorate the lymph thus aiding in washing away fat sediments.

    3. Brussel sprouts

    It can accelerate the function of your pancreas which discharges hormones that provide purification outcome to the cells. It includes minerals that motivate the kidney’s job to let loose of the waste materials that can harm your organs.

    4. Cabbage

    This is considered an excellent kind of food if you have belly fat because it can aid in melting down the fat in your waistline and stomach area. The sulfur and iodine content of this vegetable is useful in purifying the gastric intestinal mucous membrane in your abdomen and intestines in order to melt down the fat.

    5. Carrots

    This vegetable includes carotene, a kind of Vitamin A that begins the fat cleansing response in your system. This cleansing response will exactly get rid of the fat and thrash rapidly. The carotene that turn into Vitamin A in your intestines will help your metabolism to work rapidly in order to let your cells respond properly to eradicate fat sediments.

    6. Celery

    Uncooked celery contains elevated intensity of calcium which can easily be absorbed so that as soon as you consume it, the calcium is transmitted at once to go to work. Due to this intensity of calcium, your endocrine system is stirred up to make hormones melt down the fat that had built up in your body. It also contains elevated amount of magnesium and iron which aid in cleansing your system.

    7. Cucumber

    It includes sulfur and silicon substance that invigorate your kidney to eliminate uric acid and slacken off fat from your cells.

    8. Garlic

    It is considered as an innate diuretic that include mustard oil which has a purification effect in your body. It endorses a powerful act called peristalsis, a muscular spasm that aids in melting away mass of fat and eliminating it out from your system.

    9. Horseradish

    It contains remarkable outcome in melting up fat from your cells without any side effects. It is also considered as a powerful cleanser of body wastes.

    10. Lettuce

    It is rich in iron and magnesium and is useful for your liver function. It helps lose belly fat by enhancing your metabolism and gets rid of fatty cells.

    11. Radish

    It has elevated the intensity of iron and magnesium which can clean your mucous membrane and melt fat in your cells.

Author’s Note: I refuse to say the word “diet” because it’s not a diet.. and I hate saying “life style change” because that’s a nicer way of saying diet. “portion control” makes me sound like a pig.. so let’s just call this a chance to experience new things.