Call Center Employees – debunking the myths

This topic came about after a discussion with a co-worker saying that some people would rather lose their house and be on the street than work in a call center. Really? I would rather work in a call center. So I wanted to run down the truths & myths of working in a call center since I’ve been doing it on and off for almost 10 years.


Truth –

You will get that person who has verbal diarrhea and that call normally comes in just a minute or two before your break, lunch or the end of your shift.

You will hear the same question over and over again.

What you learned in your training class probably won’t cover everything you learn once you are out.

You will probably be asked to work overtime on your days off or extra hours during your shift.

Myth –

#1 You get to sit at your desk and browse the internet.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

#2 It’s a happy environment.

It is what you make it, yes the job is thankfless most of the time. You will get people who just want to vent, curse, or be perverted. But for the customer who are easy to please, there is a gem of a customer who will thank you repeatedly for helping them.

#3 The people are unhappy, sarcastic and hate their jobs.

It’s all perception. If you get bad customer service, report it to their manager, but please remember to do the same for great customer service.

#4 The people who work in call centers are society’s rejects.

*snort, giggles* Sorry.. I’ve met an ivy-league educated person, former caterers, business owners, lawyers, etc at call centers I’ve worked at. If those are society’s rejects… there is a problem.

#5 A chimp would do a better job working at a call center than they could.

I highly doubt it, but I would like to see a chimp go through training and answer the phone, navigate a system, provide answers and forward messages all while having the customer on the phone.

#6 The people at the call center are in control of the programs and do things on purpose to make customers angry.

*sighs* We are in no more control of the program that made the customer angry than we are of the weather. The best we can do is make a note and forward it.  Or if you let us, guide you through the program.

#7 The people that work at call centers are soulless creatures.