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Summary Sunday

Workout Journal

7/29 – 30 minutes on the elliptical at work. It’s all thanks to awesome music and the tv in the gym having captions. Unfortunately it’s on ESPN but.. I get caught up on sports for that day.  The last 3 minutes were brutal though.. I really had to push through it.

7/30 – 47 minutes swimming.. yeah.. I’m shocked by that too. The time was passing slowly when I wanted to play and I hit the blerb (which I’m beginning to think is related to the blerch which belongs to the oatmeal)..basically what people would call the wall when their body gets tired but I pictured a  mini me with wings wanting to spot and eat cake and I pushed through it to silence her.  So I slipped back into the pool at 8:16 after resting for a moment and went back at it.. pushing, pushing and then finally I hit my stride. Paddle, paddle, paddle, kick, kick, turn around paddle, paddle, kick, kick. Back and forth over and over again. I was out swimming the fat girl that wanted to lay on the couch and sleep, she wanted to eat cake and cookies and cupcakes and soda.. there was no pain in my arms, I kept swimming. And after a while.. I realized maybe I should stop.. and when I got out it was 8:50. I swam a total of 47 minutes.. holy cow.

7/31 – 25 minutes swimming

8/1 -20 minutes on the elliptical machine

8/2- 20 minutes on the elliptical machine

8/3-  50 – 20 minutes weight lifting and 30 on the elliptical machine

8/4 – 42 12 minutes walking and 30 on the elliptical machine..

Things I’ve quit eating/drinking

-sodas – sugary goodness for a small high for about 30 minutes and then nothing but sugary bliss is not worth the blerb feeling I get afterwards or the desire to follow that up with something much much worse.. like cake, cookies, cupcakes or popcorn

-pop tarts – oh how I love your frosted goodness.. but at 400 calories for the pair of you.. that’s 20+ on the elliptical.. yeah.. no thanks. I would rather have a small sandwich, a small bowl of almonds and a hard boiled egg.. thanks.

Things I’ve started to eat/drink

infused waters – so very very easy.. tasty and different.

breakfast – yeah I was a breakfast skipper and now I make all my breakfasts on my days off and grab the baggie and go on workday mornings.

I know there are some people out there wondering how to make a change for the better without going broke.. here are a few things I’ve done without spending extra

Buy eggs – they are a great source of protein and can be breakfast, lunch or dinner

Buy fruit.. I’m not talking exotic things you’ve never heard of.. I’m suggesting bananas (great snacks), lemons (flavored water), grapes (great snack, even better frozen)

If you can afford it buy those wonderful flat bread things.. they are about $2.48 a pack.. I know it’s expensive.. but it’s 100 calories for the two slices and you can use them for sandwiches or just to eat on their own.. I like to put a bit of margarine on them and slap a hard boiled egg between them.. that’s breakfast noms.

Aldi is a great place to get fruit and veggies.. you just need a cloth bag or two, a quarter for the cart and off you go.


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