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Guilty Pleasures (food)

I knew this would be a long post and split it in two before hand.. the first is one of my favorite subjects.. food.

Cheese – cheese is awesome.. but it’s oh so bad for you.. shepard’s pie isn’t complete without cheese, tacos without cheese is just meat, all the wonderful things that can be covered with cheese…

Fried Rice – I can’t make it as good as the Chinese place down the road from the house.. but I love love love it.. they have sprouts and peas and carrots and fried rice goodness.

Chocolate – york peppermint patties, carmello, cadbury eggs, milkyway eggs, hershey’s cookies & cream

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans (Belly flops) – I purchased them after a co-worker had some a while back..oh my goodness.. I have to order more. These are the jelly beans that don’t met the standard for Jelly Belly.

Ginger Ale – I love ginger ale.. most people don’t like it or only have it when on a plane but I am such a fan of it.

Rocky Road Ice cream – I want the kind with the marshmallows in it, none of that marshmallow ribbon stuff.. what the heck? Gimme my marshmallows!


Funfetti Cake or Cupcakes or Cookies.. oh my goodness. it’s a party in a box!

It’s the closest I will ever get to having a tyedye cake or cookies..


Premade Mocha.. preferrably the International Delight kind.. It’s so wrong to buy this I know because it admits I’m lazy but this is perfect for my hour long drives to work and for those looooooong 12 hour days.

Soft Boiled Eggs & Toast..

the other half gets grossed out about this.. but there is nothing so perfect than 3 minute soft boiled eggs some toast and some butter on that toast.. nom nom nom..



boiled peanuts.. oh yeah.. get some papertowels and some water or a beer.. because it’s about to get messy!




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