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Turkey Day Horror

Turkey Day Horror (an original story by CM)

I know we’re approaching the time of year where most people stress out about baking, cooking, shopping, etc. But I wanted to shed some light on the lesser known horrors that the poor turkeys face each year…

This is a story taken from my journal waaaaay back when I was in middle school. So pardon the horrid grammar.. but I figured it would lighten the mood a bit for the upcoming stress of the Holiday Season. Enjoy!

I’m Lopy the Turkey. What a silly name, I know. You don’t think turkeys can write, well this story isn’t writing itself. Thanksgiving is the most horrible , gorss celebration humans can think of killing my innocent friends and family members just to *gasp* eat them! Even turkeys I don’t know and would like to know are dying.

Uh oh!

Here comes the human!


Dodged him, but he just caught my great aunt Fiffy.

What a shame.. I really liked her, she taught me how to gobble.

I don’t know why they kill so many of us this time of year it’s horrible!


Dodged another human.

This is harder this year they have some sort of contraption that scoops us turkeys up and poof!

Never seen again.

What the?



Haha! Got you stupid turkey..


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