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10 and 10 (Reviews on Movies)


I know it’s normally time for the weekend adventures and since I’m not back from my extended weekend adventure I figured I would at least give everyone my list of the best and worst movies I’ve seen along take a look  and let me know what you think

10 best (with comments)

300 – half naked men killing things.. what’s not to like? it’s an underdog story of 300 men being outnumbered by a vicious army threatening to take everything they have

fight club – i love edward norton in this movie.. I mean love him, i adore the script and have yet to read the book.. i’m sure I will like it. I saw this in college for the first time and was floored by it.

moulin rouge – i’m not one of musicals.. but this was different. Nicole Kidman did the best thing she could ever do by taking this role. I loved Baz Lurman’s take on Romeo & Juliet, but to come up with this.. I could hug the man myself. The colors, songs, acting, dancing, singing.. are just amazing.

black swan – I finally saw this on 5/9.. I was floored.. the previews made me want to watch it and they did not do this film justice. Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis were amazing. I loved the visual effects because they made you think “did I see what I thought I saw?”

Constant Gardener – I love Rachel Weisz, especially in this movie, she is passionate, dedicated and determined to save the people who have been so kind to her. and her poor husband has to try to piece things together..

Lilo & Stitch – I’ve already proclaimed my love for this movie in an earlier post but its

The Dark Knight  – this made the list solely because of heath ledger.. he did the joker with a darkness that I thought only a older well seasoned actor could capture. he was sadistic, the script was great.. I love Morgan freeman.. I really do.

House of Flying Daggers – Yes this is a foreign film..and yes it has subtitles but the movie is a visual feast for the eyes.

Iron Man 2  – I love Robert Downey Jr. He is a very talented actor who makes you hate and like him


*bonus * lord of the rings trilogy – ok i admit to being a total geek for this movie, but if it wasn’t for Peter Jackson I would never know  how beautiful New Zealand is or how badly I want to go there.. where do I begin? the script was great, the costumes were awesome.. everything was believeable.. what can i say, I’m a sucker for castle and swords and men in armor.. and long flowing gowns and anything remotely medieval in nature.

top 10 worst (with comments)

the hills have eyes – gross.. that is the one word i can use to summarize this movie.. just bloody, gorey and gross.. I don’t mind some blood and gore to get the point across (

cabin fever – another movie with gore and blood that didn’t really need it.. and what’s the deal with the pancakes kid? I thought just didn’t get it, turns out it wasn’t meant to be gotten

the big lebowski – oh jeez this was so bad i really don’t remember most of it

blair witch 2 – blair witch did nothing for me, i guess because my dad used to leave the camera lens off when we went on walks along the countryside in germany so i found the whole thing ridicilous. blair witch 2 could have been so much better if the director and studio would have agree. supposedly the director wanted it one way and the studio edited it to their tastes and released this horrid pice of film.. i could have written a better and scarier script than this it had very little to do with the original movie itself.

13 ghosts – oh geez another ghost movie.. this movie was bad for several reasons.. there was no background story on the ghosts that were trapped in the house and the supporting characters spend most of their screen time running around and screaming or arguing.. the whole concept of the house was just unbelieveable

batman & robin (w/mr freeze and posion ivy) – where to start with this one? first of all arnold playing mr. freeze.. uma thurman playing posion ivy, batgirl, robin and batman.. way too many main characters battling for screen time, the script was horrid

cat woman (halle berry) – why hallie berry took this role I will never know, in reading the script itself it was horrid.. i mean i love and adore cats as much as the next crazy cat lady but this is no michelle pheiffer.. who was an execellent cat woman in batman returns.. she was tortured, sadist and an all around bad girl.halle berry makes it look just plain silly, i mean this really makes me question her acting abilities.. granted she did play storm in x-men which that too was campy.. but it was x-men where the effects were supposed to be outlandish but fit in with the characters and were made believable

the league of extraordinary gentlemen – peta wilson isn’t a good actress, I will be the first to admit this, though I was an avid watcher of la femme nikita, in hindsight she was kind of bad.. and combining her with sean connery, stuart townsend (another not-so good actor) and a few others in a special effects laden comic book movie equals disaster.. they could have made the script into something dark and film noir like batman begins or dark knight, but they went for the generic comic book to screen script

the mist– the premise was great.. until you add a bible thumper and the creatures were scary.. especially the tentacly thing.. but when they finally escaped and the end of the movie came it was like one of those “it was only a dream” moments and I was left angry and glad I didn’t waste the money going to see it on the big screen much less renting or purchasing it

storm of the century – the 2nd stephen king mini series movie to make the worst list.. it had a good plot really it did but then it simply lost the plot and became stupid.. like mr. king got lazy and hurried to end the story

* bonus * queen of the damned – loved interview with a vampire.. i loved the combination of brad pitt and tom cruise but queen of the damned left me confused and my ears ringing.. i have tried in vain to read ann rice’s novels but i do understand that the movie combined queen of the damned with the vampire lestat and was not approved by ann rice herself.. now when the author doesn’t approve of the movie it really says something



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