Movie Review: Let Me In

let right in let me in

Let Me In is a American remake of Let the Right One In, which is Swedish. I got saw Let Me In last night and it was good and there were a few changes, from the Swedish version, there was more blood and gore, names were changed and places were changed. The film was set in 1983 instead of 1981. I would have hoped it had been set in the 90’s instead as that would have been more interesting to me.

But it was a good movie. Reminded me of how cruel young children can be and how indifferent adults are to children’s suffering.

I would still suggest watching the original version and/or reading the book. I have not gotten a hold of a copy of the book yet nor have I decided if I want the ebook or paperback. There is something rather satisfying about paperback.

I found Let Me In on Verzion’s Free Movies from If you have Verizon you can find it there, or on