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The big 3-0

Whoo! My birthday is coming up on the 28th and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the things that have changed since turning 20.

I solemnly people come into your life for a reason. Listen and learn from them.

I’ve become a huge cat advocate… so I’ld like to apologize to all those people I’ve been spamming with my Animal Articles from the blog. I might not be able to volunteer at a shelter due to my allergies, but I will do my very best at spreading the word about kittens/cats that need homes and/or those that have special needs (differently-abled) so that people are aware of their stories and pass it on or donate to a good cause.

I have come to realize there is no shame in telling people that my hobby is writing. NONE. I used to be so ashamed when I was in school and now I realize I shouldn’t have been. While they were socializing and getting into trouble, I was learning and crafting and letting my imagination run free.

I may be an unpublished writer, but I am still a writer.


2 thoughts on “The big 3-0

  1. yes you are a writer and a fantastic one at that. i always enjoy reading your post and stories. and must say i am proud to have you as a friend

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