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Adventures in Food

I wanted to share my latest food related creations.

I know it’s a bit late to make black eyed peas, but I was looking for a meal that’s a bread alternative as I had spaghetti for the past 4 work days and it’s safe to say I’m over it.

So I decided to make black eyed peas with a meat.. but what meat.. then I remembered I have hickory smoked sausages in the freezer, though I normally use bacon to flavor the peas, I decided to try the sausage as it alone was a bit overwhelming flavor wise and way pretty heavy on the salt.

Perfect for use on peas that otherwise have no real flavor.

So i defrosted two sausages, one for my black eye peas and one for a egg, cheese and grit breakfast which we will get to later.

I soaked the peas for two full days as I’ve had problems in the past with soaking them for 6-8 hours (as the package says) and they were still stiff no matter how long I cooked them.

After draining them I put them in a medium pot with water and chopped up pieces of sausage and turned it at first to hi heat (9) and then realized if I wanted to ever get my stove clean again (for those that don’t know black eyed peas form a goop that is cement like when it dries.. good luck getting that off of anything) I wanted to turn the heat down to about halfway (5-6) and let it go.. when the water cooked down I filled it back up, stirred and let it go.

I did this about 4 times in total the final time I tested a pea and it was hot.. which happened to hit the spot where I burned the roof of my mouth last night eating volcano hot nachos but it was good, so I took it off the heat and sampled again wanting to make sure I could taste flavor.. there was lots of it..  perfect.

I scooped it out into 2 lunch sized bowls and 2 snack sized ones as I’m going to share a bit with a co-worker who says he will try anything once.

The end result.. black eyed pea goodness and lunch for two work days 🙂

As for my sausagem egg, cheese grit adventure.. I have packets of microwaveable grits.. they were on sale at Publix and I got them. I realized that the one small package is just not enough for breakfast so I made two and while eating the country bacon flavored one.. I got an idea.. what if I added cheese, egg and a meat…

the meat being sausage..

Well now I have breakfast for two mornings that’s  premade and just needs a little mircowaving.

I am a fan of smoothies.. I’ve made several in the past following a simple recipe but was forwarned by a friend that putting any type of juice in a smoothie makes it highly unhealthy.. so I decided to omit the juice.

My latest creation is below.

It consists of water/ice, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and grapes.. and a bit of honey.

Nothing unhealthy about it.. all the fruits were frozen.


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