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Chapter 2 – Fate Sealed part 2

Fate Sealed part 2

Part 3 will be tomorrow and next week we’re moving on to chapter 3.

A scream pierced through the night startling him awake without thinking he jumped to action running out of this hut into the moonlit autumn night.  It was a few feet away that he  found the source of the scream it was Hazel who was being dragged out of her hut by the black panther. The woman tried to get away but it only enticed the animal to pull harder. He had to get the animals attention away from the healer.

“Morishta.” He commanded with as much force as he could muster to get the animals attention.  The animal stopped it’s attacked turning to him, it crouched down and snarled, leaping into the air. He closed his eyes readying himself for the worse, he heard a thud of something hitting the ground. Opening his eyes he saw the panther shimmer and turned into the familiar human form that was Morishta. The auburn wolf that had attacked her also shimmered, turning into Aeji who bent down and picked up the unconscious woman.

“Aquil,” a voice drew his attention away, it was Kai who was bending over Hazel trying to pick her up.

He obediently went to help getting her standing, inadvertently looking at the wound the panther had created, flesh hung loosely covered in blood and dirt.  They slowly walked her into the hut, easing her onto a cot.

“It’s not infected yet.”  Kai noted softly as she was cleaning the wound gently, washing the dirt away leaving only the skin and exposed muscle and bone.  Hazel gasped as the water touched the wound. Aquil looked away, it was then he met the eyes of Nae.   He walked towards her, knowing she wanted to speak with him.

“What provoked the attack?”

He shrugged,” I haven’t seen Morishta since last night, she mentioned going to the lake for a swim this morning.” He glanced at the woman in question worriedly, “What’s going to happen to her?”
“It is too dangerous for her to stay here. The panther has tasted human flesh.”

Looking at the unconscious woman in a mixture of guilt and pity he noticed black archaic writings on her arms.

“What are those markings?”

Aeji and Nae both examined them, sharing a glance.

“She has been marked by Signess.” Aeji said gravely.

“What’s going to happen to her?”
“Signess will claim her as a servant, the writings will cover her entire body and she will turn into a krisna.”

“Can she be cured?”

“There is rumor of mages in Hagemage  powerful enough that can possibly pull the darkness from her.” Aeji said.

“I will take her there.” Aquil volunteered.

“The journey is dangerous as H’enigh warriors often trade in Hagemage.”

“I do not fear them.”

“That is not the worst of it, the human will grow weaker with each passing day. The panther will no longer recognize friend from foe.”

“I will go with them, to make sure they reach Hagemage’s border.”

“It is the least I can do.”

The sky was an unnerving shade of red when Morishta finally came to after being out the entire day. She sat up slowly something felt wrong she couldn’t quite put a finger on what it was. In looking around she realized where she was and it was when she saw the healer laying prone on the cot beside her, she paled.

“What have a done?” she whispered to herself, putting a hand over her mouth.

“The panther attacked Hazel.” Nae stated watching the younger woman carefully.

“I thought it was just a nightmare. Will she be okay?”

“For the moment she is but she does not have the strength of the panther to aid in her recovery.”

Tears leapt to her eyes,”I didn’t mean to-“

“I wish I could believe that but you lost control of the animal and are a threat to the tribe.”

“Where will I go?”

“We are going to Hagemage.” A male voice said.

At the doorway stood Aquil with a bag slung on his shoulders holding another one.


“There may be a cure there,” he said,” and I’ve already packed you.”

“It is a four-day journey from here, Aeji will follow you should you need him.”

Aquil helped Morishta off the cot leading her outside. There was a small crowd that had gather she could feel their accusing eyes on her. Her fists clenched in anger, how dare they judge what they don’t know. Aquil took her hand in his as they walked through the crowd and out of the village.

Aeji kept behind them in wolf form for the rest of the day, it was when they made camp he changed and assisted in getting the fire started while Aquil went to get firewood.

“Life is not that hard.” The kyti leader said upon seeing the old self-inflicted scars on her arms.

“It is when you can’t control the animal within.”

“But to injure oneself is going against the Goddess’ wishes.”

“The Goddess has forsaken me and my kinsmen exiled me.”

“You live because Nae nearly sacrificed her life for you, you should not be selfish in you suffering but selfless in it. You were created unlike the rest of us but that does not make us immune to the animal’s needs. We struggle but learn to control it, as you should have. She is a beautiful wild creature not a thing to be tamed and controlled.”

“I never asked for any of this.”

“No one does but we make the best of our fate.”

Aquil came back with more firewood piling it carefully onto the small fire. Once that it completed, he sat down and began to dig into his pack for some food. Handing Morishta two small rolls, she ate half of one in silence, giving him back the other and the half.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m tired.” She says then goes to one of the furs and wraps herself in it falling asleep.

Aeji watched the young warrior’s eyes follow the woman.

“Get some rest. I will take first watch.”

He nodded and settled on the furs close to Morishta.

At some point in the night Aquil awoke to soft fur and a low rumble of a purr, it lures him back to sleep. Aeji caught the sight of movement in the corner of his eye and followed as the panther slipped into the surrounding woods. He kept a safe distance between himself and the animal watching from the nearby bushes as it stalked and killed a rabbit and then took a drink from a newby stream. The animal shimmered turning back to hits human form.

The Kyti leader stooped down and picked her up, wrapping her in a fur and taking her back to the camp.


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