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Prologue – Fire Child

as part of my new year’s resolution to finish a full story.. I present the prologue of book I of my story… it’s still untitled as of yet, but grab some coffee and enjoy! Let me know what you think.


Fire Child

She heard voices outside; they were unfamiliar speaking in gruff tones in a language she didn’t understand. Then she heard several footsteps several of them going around the cabin that was her home. She was too frozen with fear to get up from her bed to warn her parents. A knock on the front door and her parents whispering curious about what was going on , she placed a hand over her mouth to stop herself from screaming a warning for them to not open the door, but it was too late.

The following events seemed to happen near slow motion. The sound of the door opening, her father question the person as the door, her father’s voice being replaced by a startled gurgling noise, her mother screaming and it too was soon replaced by the same noise her father had made, shortly after that there were two dull thuds. She knew they were dead. A wave of nausea came over her. The footsteps came closer; she tried to move but found the muscles in her body unwilling to obey. Merely staring wide-eyed into the darkness, knowing that it would be her time soon to join her parents in the afterlife.

The footsteps stopped, turning and leaving. She inhaled sharply, knowing she had to get out of the house as soon as possible, unsure of when whoever it was would come back to finish the job with her.  Sliding out of the bed, her bare feet touched upon the bare ground, opening the door just  a crack she peered out, the front door was left open and with good reason as a figure came into view briefly, tossing a fire lit torch into the house and saying something to his companions.

The entire cabin was made of wood and it would not take long for everything to catch fire, she heard the fire crackling as if it was right next to her and could feel the heat of the dancing flames, turning she realized it was in her room as well. The intruders must have known she was in there and threw torches onto the roof.

She opened the small door to her room all the way and moved into the main room of the cabin, trying not to look at the faces of her murdered parents. As much as she wanted to stay with them and mourn, she knew her survival was more important otherwise she would be as good as they were, dead.

Tip toeing to the window she peered out carefully and saw with horror that the other cabins were on fire and saw the other intruders rushing by with torches, while others rushed by with their hands full of things she couldn’t make out in the darkness. But she knew it was from the village.

These intruders had come into her village and had ransacked and had every intention of building all the evidence along with all the people.

Anger filled her little body and she was determined to survive this, even if it meant cheating death itself to avenge her people’s death.

Distracted in her thoughts she didn’t hear the creaking of the roof as the wood gave way to the flames but felt the brunt of one of the beams as it hit the back of her head knocking her unconscious.

A male voice in her head awoke her, “Your death is not here little one. No, you shall have the revenge you seek. Fire cannot harm you, let the hatred consume you and be one with the flames. “Her eyes opened slowly and found herself surrounded by the fire, she shrank from it scared.

Fire cannot harm you. The voice repeated.

She mustered the courage to reach out to the fire, touching it. There was no pain. Only thoughts of vengeance filled her mind.

She pulled herself up and carefully made her way out of what the still burning remains.  The night was filled with smoke and flames; she ignored it moving unwillingly towards the top of the hill where she somehow knew the intruders were.

They were talking amongst themselves, sharing the spoils of what little treasures the village did yield. All but one, the silent warrior who sat on look out, he watched the hill quietly unsettled by some presence that lay in the village.

The girl smiled slowly, it was not the smile of a child but the smile of pure evil that would send a shiver through the spine of the most hardened warrior.  She paid no attention to her cracked and blistered lips knowing that her revenge was coming and she would be aided by an unknown force. A force of hatred and darkness that she had summoned after witnessing what these men had done to her home.

The warrior on lookout out held his spear close, knowing that something was approaching. A shadow of a figure was cast in the moonlight. It silenced the other men as they looked towards the hill crest, grabbing their weapons ready for whatever or whoever would soon crest the hill coming towards them

He caught a glimpse of the figure before the others did, but that didn’t settle the uneasiness in his stomach, something was wrong. It looked like a little girl, a possible lone survivor of the village they had just razed but before he could stop the others they rushed upon her. He could only watch in horror as they were all set ablaze. Screaming and hollering for mercy, trying to put their burning selves out not noticing that the girl had slumped into an unconscious pile.

That was when the warrior knew whatever power the girl had wielded had subsided leaving her nothing more than a lone survivor of the raid. He approached her while the others running around trying desperately to douse the flames. Bending over the girl, he noticed immediately the markings on her arms. Scooping her up in his arms, determining there and then she would be taken in by his tribe. This girl would easily grow into the powers she had been granted and would be a force to be reckoned with.

He whispered a name to her.“Nyri.”

The word meant fire in his native tongue.

“You will be a force to be reckoned with.” He said to her softly carrying her to the village.

The sun had reached its zenith  by the time he had returned to his village, one of the tribes healer’s was waiting for him.

“Where are the others?”

“There were no survivors, save for this girl and myself.”

“Bring her into the hut so I can look at her.”

He did, laying her down on a cot. It was then he related the story of how he came across her. The healer took to examining the girl and found  black archaic writing on her inner right wrist. The girl awoke suddenly and snatched her wrist from the healer, scrambling into a sitting position. Pulling her knees to her chest,  eyes darting around the hut looking for an escape route.  She found none but remained in that position.

“Those eyes!”

Shanor nodded“I thought it was just a reflection last night.”

“She has truly been marked by Signess. You must take her to Niaras.”

“Take who to me?” the leader of the tribe, Niaras poked his head into the hut,”I heard Shanor had made it back with a captive.”

The warrior related the story a second time. Niaras nodded after hearing the story and took a look at the girl who stared back at him evenly. He saw the fire that raged within her.

“She has indeed been marked by Signess and  will be a deadly enemy when she unleashes her full powers but a formable ally if she stays. Since she was put in your path Shanor, I find it in her best interest to leave you in charge of her care. But be warned her powers will grow increasingly stronger as she ages. Do not mistake stubbornness for weakness.”

Shanor nodded and with that Niaras left.

A week had passed trees bare cold settling in. She found herself running towards the woods, unable to deal with the amount of knowledge she was expected to take in, words, lessons, all floated around in her head and worst of all was the teasing. As much as she wanted to fight back she found herself frozen with fear as they teased relentlessly about her eyes and how much paler she was and how much smaller she was than the rest of them.

She in the thick of the forest she found a large cave, stepping in she found the air cooler than outside. Any animal in the cave would be better than the cruelty of the other children.

She found a stick and began doodling symbols that came to her mind on the sandy ground the figures came alive slowly becoming shadows on the cave wall and then dying out. She heard a rustling noise behind her, turning she saw a small dragon trying to spread it’s leathery wings but they were covered in egg shells.

She watched amazed as it made a noise as if in annoyance as it tried to clear the egg shells off itself it managed to get a few off but there was one out of reach it could not get. It hopped nearly in a circle trying to get of the shell she giggled it stopped and looked at her curiously and hopped towards her.

She felt no fear outstretched her hand to it as it stretched its neck to her sniffing her and then hopped closer making a noise as if a question as it turned around and flapped its wings.

“Of course.” She said responding to its question and took the  last few bits of shell gently off its wings.

It turned around and made the noise again as if in thanks and then another question.

“I’m Nyri. What’s your name?”

A response.


A positive reply and it spread it’s little wings in attempt to take off, flapping them but nothing happened.

“Maybe your wings aren’t strong enough.”

An annoyed reply.

“Where’s your family?”

It looked around as if just noticing it was the only one of its kind, it hopped towards the other egg shells that were left examining it as if it has missed out on something.

A sad response.

“It’s ok. I’m alone too.”

Her stomach rumbled and then his he seemed to be startled by the noise.

“I’m hungry.”

Agreement and a slight flapping of the wings.

“What do baby dragons eat?”

A response of excitement, wings flapped.

“Fruit? I know where to get some.”

A question.

“No one’s going to harm you if you’re with me. Come.”

She held out her hand at the dragon and it crawled her hand to her arm to her shoulder where it sat, its tail curling around her neck.


One thought on “Prologue – Fire Child

  1. I think this was a nice article about the fire child she was alone and scared that the warriors would kill her like they did her parents so she found away out until they captured her. But she was still scared until she got hungry and the dragon assured her that nothing was going to happen to her thats she is safe with him. She had to make it out of the fire and smoke from the cabin that the warriors have done. The girl was smiling at them with a sence that scared the warrior leading him to take the girl to the warriors leader.

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