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Abandoned Man-made Things.

I got the inspiration to do this from a blog called Artifical Owl (which is a link of mine) unfortunately they stopped updating and I came across some very interesting things..

(Taken from http://www.retronaut.co/2011/09/abandoned-abyss-set/)

The Abandoned “Abyss” Set

‘James Cameron’s undersea set for the 1987 filming of The Abyss at the unfinished Cherokee Nuclear Plant outside of Gaffney, South Carolina.

‘Cameron’s crew constructed one of the largest underwater film stages ever built and — because of the sheer cost of disassembling it — were forced to abandon it to the elements for 20 years.

‘The seven-million-gallon, forty-foot-deep set was eventually demolished in 2007. These shots were taken from 2003-2004.’

Abandoned open air pool in Edinburgh, UK

(Taken from http://www.retronaut.co/2011/09/abandoned-open-air-pool-edinburgh1983/)

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