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Hipster Barbie

I saw the comment in the local paper and just couldn’t resist the urge to put my two cents in…

First of all for those that don’t know.. Barbie got a makeover from a Japanese company called tokidoki..and she looks like this..


and parents are naturally upset about the tattoos.. saying they don’t want their little girls playing with a doll that would make them think tattoos are ok to have..

these are the very same parents who grew up with these barbie dolls..

the wonderful 80’s rocker barbie dolls.. (and I’m sure some of the parents out there are blinded by the awesome colors) but look at the two pictures.. is the tattooed barbie really that radical?

I grew up playing with barbie.. I never at any time thought that I needed to have long blonde hair, be uber skinny and have lots of pretty clothes to wear and have a car, a horse, a mansion, a boy toy (aka Ken), stilettos, big hair, or pretty friends… because it was pretend.

Girls play with dolls as a form of entertainment. Baby dolls are no different, it’s ok to have a baby doll to feed, burp and change diapers to give them early maternal instincts.. but it’s not ok to let them play with a Barbie that is in no way shape or form going to warp their little minds into thinking tattoos and dog like cactus creatures are normal?

It’s a doll for crying out loud.

I think some parents forgot what it was like to be a kid. Toys are to play with and have fun with. They don’t influence how a kid will grow up, parents do.

And if parents encourage their kids to have an imagination and play (and if parents join in the playing and have fun themselves) they’ll find the new barbie doll isn’t that bad…I mean there are a lot worse things kids could be getting into…

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3 thoughts on “Hipster Barbie

  1. I totally agree. And like you said if theparents take an active role not only in these dolls but everythng children would be so much btr off. I play dolls withmydaughter and she enjoys it. And she learns about dressing combing her hair things like that. And, i in turn learn things about my daughter

    • I think the main problem is that parents (and most grown ups) forgot what it was like to be a kid and just play & have fun. Not every toy is going to corrupt a kid turn them into a parent’s worst nightmare. I really think that is what parents lose sight of, they’re so wrapped up in trying to protect their kid from the evils of the world they prevent them from having fun in the process.

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