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Happy Halloween


Start your Halloween off right with Zombie eggs…

In speaking of zombies.. check out this comic I stumbled upon called Zombie Ranch it updates once a week, but it looks promising.

We made it.. finally the day of haunts, spooks and other wonderfully frightful delights is here! (well close enough anyways). Hope you enjoyed baking, getting villainous and getting prepared.

And if you’re not in the Halloween Spirit.. try this for festive..

As for me.. this year it looks like I’ll be hippie..

I wanted to be a pimp, but I’m a bit bigger than I should be this year.. and I don’t want to look like Barney in a purple suit.

 + Me =

so to avoid that disaster I will leave it to the smaller people…

In speaking of awesome costumes..

I found awesome Plants vs Zombies costumes


I also found an Oogie Boogie costume.. which is great .. something I can fit in.. the real question is if I can walk around in it?

It looks like a snuggie gone terribly wrong ..

(and I found this while doing a google search for snuggies gone wrong..coincidence I think not..

in speaking of things from that movie…

these two are just adorable.. I love baby zero.. I was very tempted to pick one up last time I was at Disney..

and with me you know one things leads to another… let’s talk about Disney and some of the best bench rides (in my opinion) that are just primed for people watching..

Hollywood Studios

the bench near the bathroom at the entrance, you get to everyone coming in and leaving..

by the pond near the dinosaur is good too, but the best is at the front of the park

Animal Kingdom

There are some benches at the front of the park and scattered here and there.

The rocks/benches near Everest are really good people watching as you get to see not only the people riding Everest but the people standing in line and walking by.

Dino Land has decent people watching, but it’s a lot of kids.

Magic Kingdom

Tomorrowland on the people mover, but that’s a bit of cheating.. there’s some benches that are in the smoking section and set away from it a little bit (in case you can’t take the second hand smoke) it offers a bit of people watching)

Fantasyland has a few benches here and there

Main Street USA, the very best people watching is on the train station as you get a nice view of all of Main Street USA and can see people coming and going, count the girls dressed in princess costumes, spot characters and probably watch the fireworks.  Grab something to munch on and a drink, you’ll be there a while 🙂


This very best people watching is right near the entrance of the World Showcase, there are a few benches.

Inside Mexico offers a lazy person’s people watching as it’s air conditioned and dark perfect for that escape from a hot day.

Downtown Disney

On the east side of downtown disney near the interactive water fountains, the bus stop isn’t far away and the kids playing in the water.

Need something not so Mickey?

Try this..

(Taken from http://travel.yahoo.com/p-interests-40804395)

Mütter Museum (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Mütter Museum (Philadelphia, PA)

To describe this museum as disturbingly informative would be an understatement. Part of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia, the Mütter Museum ($14 admission) is a collection of anatomical oddities. One man’s enormous colon, the body of an 1830s woman whose fat turned soapy, and a slice of someone’s face suspended in fluid are among the 20,000 items on display. Take the virtual tour, and shop the online store for a haunting $50 book of historic medical photographs.

Get creeped: For more of the city’s unnerving medical past, wander the halls in the historical wing of Pennsylvania Hospital ($4 donation) and see the country’s oldest surgical amphitheater. Amputations, tumor removals, and hernia repairs were performed here—many without anesthesia—from 1804 through 1868. When you examine the assortment of instruments, it’s not hard to imagine the screams of strapped-in patients that once filled this 180-seat room.

Haunted Galveston Island (Galveston, TX)

Haunted Galveston Island (Galveston, TX)

It was the deadliest storm in U.S. history. The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 leveled what was then Texas’ biggest city, killing 8,000 people. The stench of bodies could be smelled for miles. Burying them all was impossible. Even some of those buried at sea washed back onto the beaches. Spirits of the dead, still dressed in 1900s attire, have a heavy presence here. They’re most often encountered at Ashton Villa—a mansion that survived the storm—and Hotel Galvez, the island’s oldest hotel.

Get creeped: See chilling images of the aftermath in The Great Storm documentary at the Texas Seaport Museum ($5 admission) at Pier 21. In October the Galveston Historical Foundation runs haunted tours of Ashton Villa, the harbor, and a cemetery. Paranormal expert Dash Beardsley leads $20 ghost tours throughout the year. There’s also a new year-round haunted house: Mayfield Manor.

Manchac Swamp

Manchac Swamp (near New Orleans, LA)

“One day I’m gonna die, and I’m gonna take all of you with me,” oracle Julie Brown would sing on her front porch. And in 1915, on the day of her funeral in Frenier, Louisiana, it happened. A hurricane swept hundreds of residents to their deaths in the Manchac Swamp near Lake Pontchartrain’s western shore. See the mass graves by torchlight on a nighttime swamp tour through the cypress trees. Hear stories of the spirits sighted, and see the red eyes of crocodiles as you float into the moss-draped darkness.

Get creeped: Plantation Adventure offers nighttime tours for groups year-round, and Cajun Pride Tours has day tours. On Halloween weekend in nearby New Orleans, partygoers in outlandish and bizarre costumes come out of the shadows for the Frenchmen Street block party, a French Quarter parade, and a vampire ball.


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