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Being the Newbie

Halloween Music

Halloween Movies

Being the Newbie

(tips for new people at a job, and hints for the oldies)

from the moment you walk in the door everyone can smell the fear and it feels like you fell into a gator infested swamp with raw chicken strapped to your back… fear not.. I have come to rescue you from the newbie blues

Ever feel like as a new person everyone is out to get you?  Don’t worry it happens to us all…and I wanted to share some thoughts on the challenges of being the new person and ways to overcome it.. and remind the “oldies” of what it was like to be new

Rule for newbies

1- Be yourself but friendlier –

2- Patience

3- Take pride in your work

4- Ask questions

5- Take notes

6- Take everything at face value (don’t like the oldies discourage you in your new job)

Rules for oldies

1-3 Patience

4 Remember you were new once

5 Give newbies reality of job, leave out personal opinion unless asked

6 Be nice to new people

Halloween Music

I simply adore Halloween, it’s the one time of the year we can get away with dressing up in whatever costume we want (save for Comic Con conventions..)  and scaring each other..

So with that in mind, I wanted to share some of my favorite Halloween music videos and suggestions for movies…

Marilyn Manson’s cover of “This is Halloween” for Nightmare before Christmas (nothing says Halloween like Marilyn Manson)

The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Oogie Boogie (one of my favorite villians)

and this little gem of a music video I’m a Goner which features Matt and Kim, Andrew WK and Soulja boy.. it’s a catchy little pop song but the video is pretty neat.

and then there’s the Halloween light shows.. which I had to watch featuring Michael Jackson’s Thriller see below (video is 6:02)

Halloween Movies

What’s Halloween without scary movies to watch?

Here are a few suggestions..

Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)- Saw it at a friend’s.. I was reluctant to see it but ended up really liking it.


Trick R Treat- Saw the preview for it while watching 300 on DVD.. finally found it.. and fell in love with it.. it’s a combination for 4 stories woven together.


Gothika –


The Orphanage (2007) –


Orphan –


Alien – A classic



The Shining – a Stephen King/Jack Nicholson classic. Slow to start, but I believe that’s when King is at his best.

The Stand – another Stephen King novel, this one was adopted into a mini series…not really Halloweenie per say but pretty decent.

Scream – I reluctantly watched it a while back and liked it.


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