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Weekend Adventures

=^.^= whew! I can’t believe I did so much in one day.. my inner child found happiness at the beach and the old woman bent over to get pictures of the various gifts from the sea more times than she would have liked to count..

The mornings started bright and early with a free oil change (thanks to Kia Autosports),

(the tag on my car Saturday morning from the oil change)

then as I was heading to Bagelheads for a deliciously addictive covered bagel

(egg, cheese on a bagel), I decided “what the heck?” and stopped by a little shopping mall I hadn’t been to several months and below is what I saw waving at me from a distance

(for those that don’t know it’s the Dollar Tree “dollar” mascot, they had just opened a new one in that little shopping strip)

so I browse around.. get a few things.. and I see the below..

and I freaking nearly died laughing.. “Butt Aid” haha..I love Dollar Tree sometimes..

So after walking and from one store to another getting my heaven on a bagel I went to Tom Brown Park to take some pictures of Lake Leon and such to find it it looking like this..

(the bridge around lake Leon)

what the heck? well after walking around the lake I found what was going on..

they were cleaning up the sediment and doing some much needed litter control there.. which I am very happy about.. but a little sad because the bridge had all kinds of great small trees and brush going around it and now it’s gone and clear and you can see clear cut evidence of the pollution..  it was depressing really.. so to make myself a bit happier I walked to the dog park which isn’t far from there.. and then to the BMX track and avoiding the disc golfers as I did not want to get hit on the head with one of those things (though it would have made an amusing story) and I made my way back and took a nap in the car under the shade of the tree..

went home for an hour or so.. and the daylight with going to Carabelle for the sunset and I got some great beach pictures

(the sunsetting over the water in Carabelle, FL)

and started my night at TGI Friday’s with some awesome food.. the 3 for $12.00 menu is still there with some changes..

I had the broccoli & cheese soup (heaven!), the honey dijon beer crusted chicken and the oreo ice cream sandwich for dessert..

(not my image taken from friday’s website)

the chicken was juicy and flavorful and the salad was perfect..  and of course the ice cream sandwich was nothing more than a klondike bar

(again not my image)

made pretty by drizzling caramel and chocolate syrup on a rectangular plate.. last time I ate there I had the peanut butter chocolate pie.. which was delicious.. (and I’m not a huge fan of peanut butter) but it seems like it didn’t sale so it’s off the menu.

After all the walking and picture taking and eating.. I was exhausted.. still am.. and a tad sore..

So without further ado..

to all mothers.. regardless of how many legs if you nurture and care for it.. you’re a mom.

I got my mother’s day morning snuggles from Buggy this morning

(my Buggy being a happy cat in the cat tree)


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